How to tracking  the proprietary of website

How to tracking the proprietary of website

Hi everyone, welcome on my blog, this afternoon i write an article for you learn tracking  the Proprietary of website. In the page, you go finding of advisting with an little tutorial with of Tracking tools.

We are take an Website here : an girlfriend of the web ! No kill me Masha


1 Google tracking with of lines of commande

A: Before your url link website, you write


B: After you see the more information on Google with the lines of commande

C: After With an other  lines of commande

How to find the name of proprietary of website

With Whois tools :


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


I analysis this website here


Ip Tracking with IpTracer on Kali Linux

For obtain the kali linux you must going on the Github website for install the tracking tools

The Github link

On kali linux you open an news terminal, with the commande:

git clone

2 open nikto with that commande

Sudo nikto

enter your password

Nikto -h


Nikto -host



Do you wish discover of social shared on the Nikto?



Géolocalisation Ip

Do you want discover The website link?




Thank for your reading my dear readers

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