Know you Arch Linux? No, i will you the discover

Know you Arch Linux? No, i will you the discover

Hi there, today I want to make you discover Arch Linux, here are some information for you.

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Arch linux will be designed as an operating system for advanced users. Its simple philosophy and without configuration tools requires, like slackware, some linux habits in order to be installed, but remains simple to maintain.

The arch philosophy works with three points: keep it simple (according to the kiss principle), light and flexible; remain user-centered. The people using the system must know how it works. Consequently, the use of a graphical environment is reduced since it usually hides this operation and makes the user awkward to solve related problems; respect the free and community dogmas.

As a result, this distribution allows people who use it to contribute in any way they wish as long as those contributions do not go against the ideals of spirit or philosophy.

Arch linux is a rolling release distribution, which means that it evolves progressively and over the long term according to the updates of all your installed packages, without changing the system version. For new installations, images of branded disks updated at a monthly rate are made available for download.

Arch Linux is a free distribution that is supposed to be fast and light, it is based on the dogmas “kiss” or “keep it simple, stupid”. It should be understood in the sense of “keep it simple”. It is reserved for “advanced” users of linux & even if you are not advanced I make you discover to install it, it is a perfect exercise to learn. Another particularity is that this application is in “rolling release”, that is to say that it is in constant development and that it evolves at all costs. It doesn’t have a major version like under ubuntu for example with 18.04, 18.10, etc. Other bones use this system like gentoo for example.

This system has advantages and disadvantages, you will consume the latest versions of packages for example, which is a good thing, but you will also have the possibility to be the best to encounter bugs or incompatibilities. Finally, the community around this system is huge, especially the wiki & the forum which are a kind of bible for linux users.

Personally, I sometimes looked for solutions on the forum or the arch wiki despite the fact that my problem was debian. You only manage what your organization needs

Since arch allows you to adopt your own components (such as your desktop environment and favorite applications), you are not burdened with a bunch of programs that you don’t expect and know what they are.

In turn, don’t come to ubuntu and the other essential linux-based distributions with a large amount of pre-installed desktop applications, but very few background services are actually loaded. Although the amount is small in contrast to the amounts running in the background on windows, you have this permanent option to see this take place.

See you later in an other article, good bye everyone